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10 Best Cannabis Strains For Beginners

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and grow your own cannabis. Congratulations, you’re about to embark on an enriching journey. There’s a lot to learn, mind you – for example, how to grow cannabis plants from seed to harvest.

Luckily, you’ll find all the info you need to ensure a successful project on these very blog pages. But which strain of cannabis are you going to opt for? There’s an almost neverending list of options! Fortunately, there are some strains that lend themselves well to first-time cultivators. Here, we’ll take you through 10 of the best beginner strains.

Types of Cannabis

There are a few different types of cannabis to choose from, and each offers very different benefits. Begin by asking yourself what you’re looking for in a strain – is it for medicinal use? Recreational use? Do you want a relaxing strain for evening use, or do you want a more uplifting effect? Fortunately, countless strains are out there to tick your boxes, so you can tailor your choice to what you’re after, even if you’re entirely new to cannabis cultivation.

In addition to considering the desired effects of your cannabis, consideration has to be given to your setup. Are you planning to grow indoors or outdoors? How much space do you have to work with? Naturally, you can grow as many plants as you wish in your allotted space, but your grow area may also impact the type of weed you’re able to grow. Don’t worry; we’ll discuss this in greater detail below.

Cannabis Indica

As far as effects go, indica strains typically carry a strong body effect. That’s arguably a bit of a generalisation, but for the most part, indicas are known for their relaxation power. Medicinally speaking, you’ll find benefits for numerous ailments in the indica family, including pain relief, muscle relaxation help with insomnia, tackling anxiety and more. Recreationally, indicas are often deemed more for evening use due to the type of impairment they can cause. This depends on THC content and your tolerance, so it’s a rule of thumb rather than the rule of law.


As far as the plants themselves go, indicas grow as shorter plants than their sativa counterparts, with bushier leaves and more lateral output. Handy to know for your growing space.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa effects differ from indica effects in an interesting way. Rather than producing the heavy body relaxation known as couch-lock, sativa cannabis strains offer a more cerebral buzz. In other words, mental and physical stimulation. A good sativa can get the imagination firing, and sativas are popular with creative people. Medically, some studies suggest that sativa cannabis strains offer a nice serotonin bump which can help combat anxiety and depression and improve general mood, learning and appetite.

cannabis sativa vs cannabis indica

Sativa cannabis strains grow much taller and slimmer than indica strains, without the same bushiness. This means you could theoretically cram in a few more if you’re cramped for square feet but have adequate headroom in your grow space.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Thanks to the introduction of real science in the cannabis community, most strains these days are crossbred and are, therefore, hybrids of indica and sativa. Modern breeders have successfully combined the most favourable traits from indica and sativa while ideally eliminating the less favourable ones. The result? Many strains you’ll buy nowadays are hybrid but often lean one way more than the other (indica-dominant or sativa-dominant).

Photoperiod v Autoflowering Cannabis

Photoperiod and Autoflowering are terms to describe the light requirements of cannabis strains. For example, Photoperiod strains need a more extended light/dark schedule, for example, 18/6 light/dark, and 12/12 light/dark, to vegetate and flower successfully.

Autoflowering strains do not require the same strict light schedule as they have been bred using Ruderalis genetics. This means that although a light schedule may be applied, they can adapt, thrive and flower without the same need for light manipulation. For this reason, they’re arguably easier to grow, making them an excellent choice for first-time cultivators. Autos tend to produce much smaller plants, too, which means they take up less space but will often (but not always) yield a little less than some photoperiod cannabis strains.

At Seedsman, we pride ourselves on having one of the finest ranges of autoflowering seeds available today. We’ve included autoflowering strains on our list of 10 of the best strains for beginners for the reasons outlined above.

The List – 10 of the Best Strains For Beginners

Once you’ve researched strains, it’s time for the exciting part – choosing the one you want to grow! We recommend the following as 10 of the best strains for beginners, but feel free to take a deep dive on our strain finder if you want to try something different.

Photoperiod Strains for Beginners

Purple Ghost Candy

We kick off our list with one of the finest cannabis strains we offer – the inimitable Purple Ghost Candy. It’s a mostly-sativa hybrid, potent, delicious, and yields in abundance. Better yet, it’s an easy-growing strain suited to beginners thanks to its known sturdiness and resilience.

Make sure to give PGC adequate nutrients and good ventilation through the first 8 weeks, then taper off afterwards.

The taste profile is full of sensational flavours – lemon/lime, peach, and grape make this a tremendous refreshing smoke with effects to match. It’s well-balanced, so relaxing and powerful yet stimulating simultaneously. Purple Ghost Candy packs an outstanding 27% THC, and it’s a sign of its quality genetics that such a connoisseur plant can be so easy to grow.

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A hugely popular modern strain, Seedsman’s own Gelat.OG is a mostly Sativa strain suited to novice growers and pros alike. Yields are high on this strain (500-600gm/m2 indoors), and buds are dense.

Crossing Gelato with an OG Kush produced a fast-flowering and delicious strain packed with around 25% THC. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Gelat.OG produces wider but shorter plants, not much taller than 120cm each.

gelat og plant

After a relatively fast flowering period of 9 weeks, you can look forward to a taste of sweet citrus with earthy, floral notes. Ultimately, the effect is what it’s about with Gelat.OG – extreme happiness and blissful relaxation make for a great cannabis strain.

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Bruce Banger

One of our most popular strains, Bruce Banger is an ideal pick for beginners thanks to its versatility in producing the goods in any environment and growing media.

It’s a mostly-sativa strain, so look forward to that classic uplifting, exhilarating sensation when you try Bruce Banger. The OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel parentage make for an intriguing taste profile and a classic Fuel/Diesel aroma.

Those big, dense buds of Bruce Banger are all yours after 10 weeks of flowering when you can enjoy the euphoric effects of this in-demand strain.

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White Widow

Growing cannabis comes with risks – mold, pests, and insects are just a few. If you want a genuinely resilient plant that stands up to any of these bullies, White Widow might be just what you need. This classic cannabis strain ticks many boxes you’d want for your first time growing weed.

Our White Widow is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid with all the best traits you’d hope to find. Yields are off the charts at 800gm/m2 indoors and 900gm/plant outdoors! It’s fast, too, flowering in around 8 weeks.

This versatile and potent strain, with over 20% THC, is said to be great for combating stress and insomnia. It has an earthy, fruity flavour, and its effects run the gamut of indica and sativa qualities – cerebral yet relaxing, soothing yet uplifting.

White Widow feminised seeds are available now from

Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1

Are you looking for medicinal benefits without the heavy psychoactive effects? We’ve got you covered! Seedsman’s Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 is a unique strain offering high THC and CBD in near-equal measure.

best strains for beginners

A taller plant, she’ll top out at around the 250cm mark. This therapeutic wonder will flower in 9 weeks and is suitable for all environments and grow media, making her an excellent choice for a first-time grow.

Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 carries all the flavour of her UK Cheese parent but without the heavy cerebral effect. Thanks to the balance of CBD, what you get instead is supreme body relaxation to help you unwind and fight off all the aches and pains of the day. Calming, relaxing, and soothing.

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Autoflowering Strains for Beginners

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto is a mostly-sativa autoflowering strain known to grow nice and easy – just what you want in a first-time grow.

As an auto, she’s a smaller plant and unlikely to exceed 100cm in height. This makes Green Crack Auto an excellent choice for those with limited space. Still, despite her small stature, her solid genetics mean loads of quality and sizeable yields – especially indoors. Ensure you’re generous with the nutrients to get the best out of this fast-flowering strain.

This highly-resinous cannabis has THC content around the 20% mark, and the sativa dominance ensures a highly uplifting, creative buzz to leave you energised. Green Crack Auto has a sumptuous taste profile of sweet mango with floral notes.

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OG Kush Auto

If indicas are more your thing, OG Kush Auto provides the perfect answer – autoflowering indica dominance and a classic Kush taste.

This tremendous strain has a high THC content in the 20% ballpark, meaning a profoundly relaxing effect just as you’d hope for from a killer Kush strain. OG Kush Auto is a happy, hassle-free grow in any environment and yields high despite its diminutive stature (around 1m tall).

best strains for beginners

Soothing body relaxation never came so easily.

OG Kush Auto feminised seeds are available from

Pineapple Express Auto

Those clever breeders at Barney’s Farm have done it again. By taking the ever-popular Pineapple Chunk strain and combining it with a Super Auto, they’ve created a fast-flowering auto that takes just over a month to flower.

Pineapple Express Auto is great for beginners thanks to its speed. Still, its known resilience and ability to thrive in any environment are the features you’re looking for as a newcomer to cultivation. It’s a short plant, topping out at around 100-110cm in height, but yields are surprisingly impressive at as much as 600gm/m2 for indoor grows.

best strains for beginners

We’ve included this as it scooped 1st place for Best Auto at the Seedsman awards back in 2016 – and when you taste the delicious juicy pineapple flavour and feel the supreme relaxation, you’ll surely agree.

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Raspberry Cough Auto

Nirvana Seeds proudly presents an autoflowering strain suited to even the least green-fingered among us – Raspberry Cough Auto. This mostly-sativa strain is easy for beginners to grow, and will boldly stand up to mold and pests.

It has a longer flowering time for an auto, but the resistance to pests and pathogens ensures it won’t be a nail-biting wait for the finish. Raspberry Cough Auto is happy in almost any environment and will yield on the medium side at 400-500 gm/m2.

Raspberry Cough Auto’s potent taste of sweet fruity berries is well worth the wait. The happy, relaxing effect of this one is just what you need after that extended flowering period.

Raspberry Cough Auto feminised seeds are available from

Purple Punch Auto

If you’re really cramped for space, Barney’s Farm has the answer – Purple Punch Auto is a mostly-indica variety that won’t exceed 80cm. This makes it a surefire winner for a small or covert grow.

Smaller plants should mean smaller workloads, and Purple Punch Auto ticks that box confidently. It’s highly mold resistant, insect resistant, and happily thrives in any environment.

Purple Punch Auto has a unique taste of baked apple pie (ideal for making edibles!), and its 18% THC content provides a perfect stress-busting blend of euphoria, happiness and supreme relaxation. One of the best strains for beginners.

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Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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