At Seedsman, our diverse range of cannabis seeds includes the highest quality genetics from over 120 breeders worldwide, as well as our own brand of renowned strains.

Established in 2002

Seedsman - Providing the highest quality Cannabis Seeds for 15 years

Who We Are

At Seedsman, our diverse range of cannabis seeds includes the highest quality genetics from over 120 breeders worldwide, as well as our own brand of renowned strains

For nearly 15 years, we have been at the forefront of the cannabis seed market and have developed strong connections with the most reputable breeders in the industry. 

Our own brand of cannabis seeds have come from pioneering breeders, some who prefer to remain nameless and others who are known worldwide for the quality of their breeding. 
Preserving cannabis genetics while regulating the highest THC strains and the highest CBD strains under a robust legal framework is one of our chief focuses – we believe in minimising any unwarranted harm to individuals through cannabis regulation.
At Seedsman, we’ve been selling quality cannabis seeds since 2003. When you buy cannabis seeds with us, you are investing in only the most diverse range which has been specifically bred for domestic preservation.   
Since day one, we have promoted the use of cannabis under a safe, legal framework, complying with age restrictions for marijuana use, controlling potency and quality, and marginalising earnings away from criminal elements.

What We do

We want all cannabis connoisseurs and new users alike to better understand what they are consuming, as they experience our expansive range of cannabis seeds, feminised seeds and autoflowering seeds, just to name a few.
In fact, we sell quality marijuana seeds, vaping products and other cannabis accessories to nearly any country around the globe, stocking over 4,000 weed strains from more than 120 highly reputable, stock-only breeders including:

In addition, we also offer our very own strains which include CBD oil, feminised seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds and a variety of marijuana strains including the highest THC strains.
In addition to our fully translated website, our dedicated team of multi-lingual and highly friendly, yet professional customer service personnel are always at your disposal, ready to go above and beyond – whether it’s helping you find the right marijuana strain for your recreational or medicinal needs, or aiding you in tracking your order.
At the end of the day, we take great pride in offering superior customer service – you are always in good hands when you shop with us.

Notable Accomplishments & Future Aspirations

For more than 15 years, we have been right at the forefront of the cannabis seed industry – developing strong relationships with some of the most reputable and celebrated cannabis breeders today.
In fact, among our most revered suppliers have been Sam the Skunkman, Sacred Seeds and The Joint Doctor – considered the ‘father of autoflowering seeds’ today.
The year 2007 saw the launch of our feminized seeds range which has been celebrated feverously among users. In 2011, we launched the Joint Doctor Autoflowering seeds – a sought after breeder that every veteran consumer is familiar with.  
In the following years, we continued to work hard to expand our brand through the introduction of FastBuds and the highest THC strains you might find online today. However, in recent years our highest CBD strains and FastBuds have become a popular choice for consumers all around the globe.
November 2018 saw the launch of our diverse CBD product range, including top quality CBD oil – in 2019, we plan to launch more Seedsman Vapes, stocking only the most sought after vaporisers, related accessories and paraphernalia.

Cannabis Seeds from Only the Most Reputable Stock Breeders  

Unlike majority of online seed shops, we take a unique approach to selling marijuana seeds. Owing to links built with the best breeders in the industry today, we offer a much wider selection than any online shop, selling our own line-up of strains as well, which are all 100% unblemished, unadulterated and high quality.

Joint Doctor Autoflowering – The Father of Autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis plants have paved the way for a revolution in the marijuana industry. We were quick to forge a long-term relationship with Canada’s best cannabis grower because strains matured this way have a significantly shorter growth and flowering span, in contrast with normal plants.
We understand how important it is for certain users to domestically preserve their seeds, and store them until they can be legally grown.
Autoflowered seeds are perfect for storing and growing in limited spaces and remain unaffected by adverse climatic conditions, given their short growth and flowering phase.

Sam the Skunkman

If you’ve consumed the legendary Skunk bud, you may be familiar with Skunk #1 as it is known today. None of this could have possible without the ‘contributions’ of Sam the Skunkman, the original pioneer who brought skunk seeds into the market.

Sacred Seeds

Living up to our reputation for selling only the finest Sativa seeds, we’ve partnered with Sacred Seeds, which was among the US Cannabis Cup Winners in 2016.

Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Farm Seeds have won a number of international prizes, thanks to the quality and stability of its seeds. They are recognised world leaders in the production of best quality cannabis seeds. Seedsman’s continued support for providing only the best genetics and most exciting weed strains led to a strategic partnership with Barneys Farm.

Grandaddy Purple

GDP has always been an active part of Indica vs Sativa debates in cannabis circles – no matter how you see it, this California stable has potent effects on the mind and body, which users have described as euphoric and ‘extreme physical relaxation’. We knew our collection would not be complete without this deep purple flower which is also very well known to be an effective remedy against insomnia, stress, pain, muscle spasms and appetite loss.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has been among the original cannabis distributors since 1987 – producing and marketing one of the best quality cannabis seeds ever since.
In 1998, the supplier made a breakthrough which led to cultivation of feminised seeds, boasting high THC and CBD cannabinoids. Their constant research and development has led to the discovery of legendary strains, which include the White Widow Skunk #11 strains.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds boast carefully cultivated genetics which have been bred by cannabis veterans with more than 30 years experience, ensuring high quality and consistency in their product.
We know how some cannabis users like to experiment with different tastes, budgets, medicinal applications and cultivation conditions – Sensi Seeds are an exceptional strain in every sense of the word.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds are among the most popular and widely used seeds in Europe today. Owing to their years of experience growing cannabis in the Netherlands, their unique line-up of Indica, Sativa, autoflowering, medicinal and feminised seeds boast nothing but pure quality. In fact, the diverse collection has made Royal Queen multiple Cannabis Cup Winners over the years, for their quality, organically grown seeds.

Bodhi Seeds

Bohdi Seeds are grown organically only, with the seeds showing a long shelf life and above average germination rates. Striving for the best genetic standards for parent strains, Bohdi documents the genetics of each cannabis strain; they know exactly what type of strain needs to be crossed for each creative hybrid strain, which includes not only unique hybrid lines but also landrace plants.


We added these to our collection with one thing in mind – to offer users the trendiest and most fashionable autoflowering genetics from the west coast. These marijuana strains are tediously stabilised for a seamless cultivation and consumption experience. Well-researched in Canadian outdoor conditions, the strain has yielded excellent results and is sure to leave any cannabis enthusiast satisfied.


If you’re on the hunt for some of the best selection of Indica and Sativa seeds, Dinafem can cater to the needs of practically any user. The seeds have been cleansed thoroughly to do away with any last traces of vegetable remains. Meticulously cared for with storage in perfect temperature and humidity levels, the quality of these seeds remain intact until consumers take delivery.

Blueberry Seeds

When you blend two of the most distinguished strains and reproduce key characteristics from both, you get a blueberry plant that offers a rich psychoactive experience. The upscale hybrid has the power to leave just about any grower absolutely breathless. As large and prominent colas of packed buds start to form on the growing plant, the fragrance of musk flood and sweet citrus from each harvest overcome the sense – a signature trait of Blueberry Seeds. 

Haze Berry Seeds

A cross between haze and blueberry, Haze Seeds have enjoyed much love in many cannabis-legal states, including California. Offering a sweet stone-like flavour combined with a smooth and energising high, the seeds grow like any typical Sativa plant. If you seek a relaxed feeling coupled with subtle tastes of blueberry, Haze Berry Seeds are sure to leave you pleased whether you consume it recreationally or medicinally.

Kush Seeds

Boasting a mix of Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai with ChemDawg, this feminised strain has enjoyed massive popularity since the 1990s. The strong and dank mildly citrus aroma is complimented with an equally strong and dank, long-lasting aftertaste. With Indica genetics, its effects are physically and mentally strong – in fact, some say the effects feel more like a Sativa strain.

Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights have left their mark in cannabis history as a Cannabis Cup Winner, with origins that can be traced back to 11 unique seeds. The Indica exclusive plant from Afghanistan is also available in a feminised strain which still is an Indica-dominant hybrid, although there are hints of Sativa in the leaf structure.

Sour Diesel Seeds

If you prefer indoor growing, Sour Diesel fits the bill nicely. The resinous Sativa buds offer users with a strong and ever-present high, with an unforgettable aroma that can be easily detected right up to the 10th week in the flowering cycle. Yielding generous quantity per square metre and top-notch quality, the aromatic buds will leave you yearning for more.

White Widow

A balanced hybrid originally from the Netherlands, White Widow is a cross between a South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa landrace. Since the 1990s, this strain has graced nearly every Dutch coffee shop menu. The bright white buds with crystal resin are a sure sign of its highly potent effects. Energy and euphoria which spark creativity and stimulating conversations is why White Widow is appreciated and cherished so much among cannabis users.

Seedsman – No.1 Trusted Choice by Consumers Worldwide

Despite having an expansive array of some of the best marijuana strains from around the world, we are always looking to expand our collection of the best weed seeds, supporting further research into cannabis to bring only the purest, most sought after strains to you.
We also believe that a more diverse cannabis gene pool makes it far less likely to be affected by pests and diseases, expanding the scope for research even more.

Five-star Customer Reviews

With an overall rating of 8.7 on TrustPilot, here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:
“I've done business with Seedsman twice now and I am NOT disappointed.. no risk all reward the promos are awesome. I got 36 seeds 9 different strains 16 of them were free and of the sixteen FREE SEEDS 2 of the strains were from Barneys Farm. 8 of the seeds were because I paid using Bitcoin...”
“Honest trade great service. A benchmark for online businesses.”
“Great genetics for one, and that’s just a start! The customer service is brilliant, and always ready and happy to help with any issues. Plenty of freebies with every order worldwide, can’t go wrong with seeds man, very happy with these guys!”
With shipments worldwide to almost any country, we also ensure that our deliveries are stealthy, taking extra measures to ensure that your seeds are concealed from detection. We believe in protecting our customers.
If you’re looking for a large and diverse collection of top marijuana strains from an online shop that’s customer-friendly and easy to navigate, look no further than Seedsman.
Buy cannabis seeds with us today and while you’re at it, joint our Loyalty Program to avail additional benefits and discounts.

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