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    Golden tiger reg

    Golden Tiger - Graines Régulières

    Ace Seeds
    Overpowering psychedelic sativa effect

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    Golden Tiger is one of the most powerful and interesting sativa hybrids ACE Seeds
    have developed lately. It's an F1 derived from the 'killer' Malawi mother
    and a selected Meao Thai male. Meao Thai is an exceptional highland Thai
    selected by Cannabiogen.

    In this hybrid, ACE Seeds have combined the 2 most
    potent and resinous landrace sativas they have ever worked with. The result
    is a plant with a great vegetative vigour, remarkable for its overpowering
    potency and its exceptional floral traits. The flowers bunches flare over
    forming dense buds with little leaves. The trichomes are big, plentiful and
    loaded with powerful cannabinoids.

    Sweet and citrus, between ripe mandarin and lemon, with notes of wood and
    spices. Oily background.

    Excellent alternative to the haze sativas.

    Informations supplémentaires

    Fabricant Ace Seeds
    Génétique Malawi x Meao Thai
    Type de floraison Photopériode
    Variété Régulière
    Emplacement En plein air, Intérieur