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The Science of Marijuana Paperback Book

A well-balanced, non-specialist book covering the biological and social aspects of cannabis.


31,77 € (Taxe non comprise)
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After alcohol and nicotine, marijuana is the most common used "recereational" drug in Western countries, though official positions among different countries vary widely. A debate about the medical application of marijuana and other cannabis-based preparations has been brewing for years, and pressure to legalize such use continues to increase. In The Science of Marijuana, Leslie Iversen explains the remarkable advances that have been made in scientific research on cannabis with the discovery of specific receptors and the existence of naturally occurring cannabis-like substances int the brain. Dr. Iversen provides an objective and up-to-date assessment of the scientific basis for the medical use of cannabis and what risks may entail. The recreational use of the drug and how it affects users is described along with some predictions about how attitudes to cannabis may change in the future.

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