Customer Feedback

We value the feedback from our customers very highly, we welcome positive words as well as criticism, which helps us to contantly improve our service. Should you wish to let us know your comments and thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Below we listed just a few of the e-mails we received.

your support team is fantastic ! the staff was extremely helpful and you guys also have the best prices of anyone around . i will be doing all my business with you guys from now on . i love your company ! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST !

From: mark, 2015-03

Your just waiting to receive my funds for my order. I understand that it takes time to process. I just wish it was faster so I can receive my order sooner.

From: Brianadkins17, 2015-02

You require a form of verification of e-mail with a password not quite understand what to do about it and despite the difficulty particular understanding instructions, you answered my questions relevant to have a huge advantage over other seed companies other that you have the possibility of support and response to the customer on any question or problem, it above all, in my opinion

From: אבי יאלו, 2015-04

You have been extra helpful even through my own faults tracked down my package with your help I will highly recommend your company to all my friends!!

From: Middletonman29, 2015-02

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! The little glitch with my order was taken care of very quick. SEEDSMAN . You are my Go To guy's for my seeds. Very professional very prompt. GREAT JOB.

From: Spike Nail, 2015-04

You guys have been great. And very prompt.. just received first package the other day, everything was perfect. Great packaging,,, thanks

From: Sara, 2015-02

You girls were awesome! Maria, really big thanks for all your help. You too Ruth. You have one more loyal customer because of these two ladies!!

From: joeo, 2015-03

You came highly recommended, and since receiving my first order, now I know why. Thank you Seedsman, I will definitely be back. Cheers

From: tassypair, 2015-02

Would not use any other seedbank pure quality. Customers service 100% promos 100% products delivery 100%. The only problem am like a kid in a sweet shop at times windows shopping. Seedsman show loyalty and apperetation to there customers and that hard to find these days . Thanks again guys

From: mrnervous152, 2015-03

Website is the best and easiest to use I have seen on the Internet...range of cannibis strains is huge... And customer support was almost instant.. Two thumbs up from Australia..

From: Will, 2015-03

Very satisfied, soon I'll be making another order. Congratulations for the company for having so good customer service and employees. And special thanks to Donna, who's so kind !

From: Luiz, 2015-05

Very satisfied with your store Unsatisfied with my bank, they allways seem to decline out of country purcheses?

From: lfrenslow, 2015-03

Very satisfied with your service Donna answered my question within 24hrs. Will be ordering by the end of the month, can't wait for growing season to start! . Thanks again, Fred

From: Fred, 2015-02

Very happy with sevice and stealh packing is the best,you guy's know what you are doing,I will be ordering more with no worries...

From: geneshepherd, 2015-03

Took a day or two, but given the weekend and the long stretch of boring land and a pond between us, help was wonderful. Thanks!

From: Rob D, 2015-02

Tom was quick to respond. He has excellent customer service and people skills. Absolutely a pleasure to do business with him.

From: Kenneth, 2015-04

Tom moved fairly fast on the problem I had. By, Seedsman replacing the seeds. Made me a very happy customer. An l will continue to shop with this company as I have been. Thank you

From: Donald, 2015-05

Thx again for rechecking my address. My purchase arrived perfectly. You guy's are awesome. I've been singing your praises to all my friends. I'll be using your company from now on to meet my needs.

From: ladydy1965, 2015-04

This was my first purchase from Seedsman. MORE THAN SATISFIED! Prices are great, ordering was easy, and my purchase arrived much sooner than I had anticipated. Customer service is superb and I would recommend Seedsman to my friends. I look forward to doing additional business with your firm. Keep up the good work!

From: Gloretta, 2015-04

This is the SECOND time that Ruth has helped me. ' SHE ' is an A - ONE customer service representative !!! Please DO keep her on the payroll. I think that she is MOST pleasant and KNOWLEDGIBLE .. Thank you again RUTH and SEEDSMAN. yet another VERY satisfied customer who WILL be doing MORE Business with your enterprise.

From: hayden.dave, 2015-05

This is actually the second time Ellie has responded to a request. On both occasions responses arrived as quickly as I would expect, coming from the UK business time zone. On this occasion, I could determine from the response I got from the third party she referred me to, that Ellie had already made some sort of contact with them. That impressed me. It wasn't just boiler-plate customer service; Ellie actually DID something for me. That's pretty great.

From: rorielee, 2015-04

They emailed me back quickly,but was my question answered not really!! But I was contacted and that was a plus me...

From: Dave, 2015-02

The support was wonderful . I never get a bad attitude, always happy to help. And that makes me happy. Thank you,

From: Julio, 2015-03

the support team didn't stop til my parcel arrived they kept in contact all the time I'm very satisfied with support an in near future I'll be reciving emails from yur support team again iam so very happy seedsman you are a champion bloody hero to me

From: chris, 2015-03

the support i received was excellent, i had made a mess of things with my orders and sent e mail after e mail when i discovered another problem. Maria and Donna got the mess together and made it work, simple and easy. i know i can contact you guys anytime in the future should i have a problem and that means alot. wonderful customer service and an honest and caring staff. i personally will go no where else for my needs...once again thank you all so can be difficult when im way over here and your way over there, but you make it seem like you're right next door....i like that 420walt

From: Walt, 2015-04

The support I have received from Ruth has been absolutely amazing. My order problems did not seem to fall into a category that was familiar, but Ruth sorted out the problem and did so with great communication.

From: Mb, 2015-05

the service was fantastic ! you guys are a great company ! everyone that answered my questions was excellent ! and your prices are better than anyone elses . i will be doing all my business with your company from now on !

From: mark, 2015-03

The reply to my request was prompt and fair. I will continue to buy seeds through Seedsman. They have been very high quality and professional all around. thank ~ you. Marianna

From: marianne, 2015-04

The quality of support that I received was excellent. There are no better Customer Support Staff than at Seedsman. Ellie stands above the rest. Seedsman is lucky to have an employee that cares as Ellie does. I know that if any mistake is made with my order Ellie will fix them. So i have no worries.

From: Dan, 2015-04

your support was fantastic ! you have a great company ! everyone was extremely helpful and your prices are lower than anyone else . i will be doing all my business with you from now on . i love your company ! you guys are the best !

From: mark, 2015-03

The answer came sonnest than i thought. My request was done and i´m satisfied with the support. To be totaly ok, a hundred per cent, just after the seeds here in my hands, hahaha. But i know i need some patience with that. I´ll be wainting. Thank you.

From: Rodrigo, 2015-03

Thank you very much for the speed honesty and discretion all is well received your shipment. Very soon I will shop with you, you are number 1.

From: Pomparcho, 2015-04

Thank you for the prompt replies to my questions. Love your customer support! Much quicker reply time than attitude!!

From: Matt, 2015-02

thank you for resending my order, It's not everyone that do what you did ,to believe me that I, never received the package the first time. THANK YOU. I, will pass the word around

From: john, 2015-04

Thank you for promptly sending my late order. Your support was above and beyond what I expected from my contact. Cheers Julie

From: coolgarra.julie, 2015-02

Support has always made me feel as if I am a valued customer; main reason I primarily shop at Seedsman. Thank You ALL

From: elcapt, 2015-05

Super fast response to our several messages. Quick and accurate information that solved our issues right away! THANK YOU TOM! THANK YOU SEEDSMAN!

From: Chrystal, 2015-04

Someone forgot to ship my order. I waited 2 wks then asked for help from your team. They shipped quickly after that.

From: Michael, 2015-03

SO far you have been awesome and very prompt on responses. I really appreciate you being there for our difficulties. Thanks again! !

From: Charles, 2015-03

Sent a question on Friday just before the weekend and got a prompt answer back on Monday with everything of concern resolved easily and without issue. Good customer service, which im surprised about due to the behavior of some other seed banks, and a pleasure to order from and work with! Thanks to everyone on the team for busying ass and for solving my little request without an unnecessary amount of work!

From: Sasha, 2015-04

Seedsman took real good care of me, they are a Company that takes real good care for there customers! I'm really impressed . Okay my 420Forever discount was not working at all . Because I live in the states which is a day behind UK, so I sent a few email About what was going on and they took real good care of me ! Thanks Seedsman, happy and will be spendinlots of money with them.

From: Justin, 2015-04

Seedsman strive to give u fast service and is 100% trustworthy I'm a loyal customer and seven though I don't use the locality points cause of login trouble I'll always deal with only them a very loyal and happy customer cheers to all who make this possible.

From: james, 2015-02

seedsman staff, I had a bad experience last year where my seed order was intercepted and confiscated, and the vendor wouldn't do anything for us. Your site is awesome...great selection, good pricing, and if the seeds show up, we'll not only be satisified, but thrilled to pieces!

From: John, 2015-02

Seedsman is one of the top seed companies because they do care about the customer.Good prices and great service !!!!

From: norm, 2015-04

Seedsman is a cool shop and offers great support. Donna responded to my inquiry immediately with utmost courtesy. Thanks!

From: Gardengu, 2015-03

seedsman delivered quick and excellent customer support help me take care of my issue I'm very satisfied will be doing business with them in the future for sure

From: greentreez215, 2015-04

Seedsman answered my question fast. I am very satisfied with Seedsman Customer Support. I always know that Seedsman cares about their customers. Thank You Seedsman for being the Best company out there. You have a customer for life.

From: Dan, 2015-02

seeds came out really quick at a great price and came with a few goodies, well impressed, will definiitly use again

From: Michael, 2015-05

Ruth who replied to me was fantastic!!!! She got my missing seeds to me and sent extras. This is good customer service. Thank you so much!!!

From: Mark, 2015-04

Received my order, safe and sound. Also got the promotion items that were missed with my last order. Glad to see it is all here. Thank you!! I shall be ordering from Seedsman again.

From: Mrpjwiese, 2015-03

Probably the best service I evev had, from any where, you guys are right on the ball, you all should get a raise. thank you again

From: wayne, 2015-04

Perfect. Couln't have been better. Very fast response time on all communications. Good model for a successful company!

From: ken, 2015-02

Outstanding support. Your team properly addressed my concerns and exhibited patience in all our interactions. Thank you very much.

From: Baldy, 2015-04

Many thanks to all of you at seedsman, I was very happy with all the seeds purchased. all popped up and are growing beautifully, so thanks again for all you do.

From: David, 2015-03

Like always 10 out 10 really appreciate the service are respect and loyalty showing to myself. Thanks to tom and the team. If only every online company would follow your high standard. The customer is priority and no long waits for customer service thanks again. Good start to morning for me it's like Xmas with you guys lol thanks

From: mrnervous, 2015-03

Let me start by making it known that I don't give props where they aren't 100% deserved, and with that being said the support team is REALLY on top of things and really do care about customer service and they are willing to go out of their way to ensure satisfaction. I'm sold and won't be shopping anywhere else...oo and Seedsman feel free to send me a few of those nice freebies just to let me know you all are thinking of me whenever you feel like but being serious I really do appreciate you all making my first shopping experience a good one.

From: Amber, 2015-04

just awsum clear easy user friendly web page best I've seen youse really did an r doin a wonderful job seedman yur the best

From: chris, 2015-02

It has been 1 year and around 6 orders or so and I have received every thing I have ordered. So 2 thumbs up so far.

From: Steve, 2015-04

I'm very well satisfy with getting back with as long as I get all my orders of seeds I will also be satisfy and let my friends know where to get there seeds.thank you

From: Rodney, 2015-02

I'm very happy with the seeds man support,I had all my little questions answered and they took carein the same way in all the question's. thanks too much seedsman support.

From: Joab, 2015-04

I'm happy to say this site brings me joy every time I log in looking at all the strains of our guna plant. the site is easy to use an fun too. seedsman yur a true outlaw the green man would be proud.

From: chris, 2015-05

I would as importantly like to thank the whole firm! Very good choice, reasonable prices, easily paid for with my card (unlike Demon Seeds who I have used for three years) ...............It remains to be seen how they like my greenhouse and I do appreciate you cannot comment on that!

From: Jeremy, 2015-04

I will try and purchase an international prepaid visa and see how it works! If it works I will be extremely satisfied.

From: Barnes, 2015-02

I was very happy with the support I received. You guys are great and I'm always glad I became a customer. I won't order my seeds from anywhere but Seedsman.

From: Marcus, 2015-04

I was very happy with the support I received. My issue was resolved quickly and Donna was very professional and polite. I will definitely order from your company again. Thank you.

From: Bitingsquirrel, 2015-04

I really like the way seedsman answers your inquiries within 48hrs .I appreciate seedsman because your professional & reliable keep up the good work

From: peter, 2015-02

i really appreciate the help and the discount code . it will really help me out . thank you again for everything ! you guys are great !

From: mark, 2015-03

I made a very silly mistake and wrote to the wrong company to complain. Seedsman's replied very quickly and my problem was sorted

From: L h, 2015-03

I love ordering from you because the products are always shipped promptly, received quickly, product availability is always high, response to email is faster than any company I've ever worked with. I like your stealth shipping option now where it's sort of a surprise. I can dig I hope you can too. Keep up the great work! Peace, Love, Happiness Ben.

From: B C, 2015-03

i have no complaints at all. i have been treated very good and in a very professional business fashion. keep up the good work guys.

From: Jim, 2015-03

I had some difficulties to make a transfer with my bank and Donna gave me all the extra informations that my bank required in order to proceed to payment. It took a few days to solve the probleme because of the time difference but seedsman support team stayed in touch with me until i was finaly able to transfer the money. I'm very satisfied and can't wait to receive my order. thanks !

From: Mélissa, 2015-02

I found that I was answered promptly and politely. I'm new here sand I found Maria very helpful and she communicated in a rather nice manner. Can't ask for any more than that so I'm very happy. Thank you

From: Jim, 2015-04

your service was fantastic ! i love your company ! and everyone that answered my questions was great ! i will be doing all my business with your company from now on . thank you very much for everything !

From: mark, 2015-03

i appreciate the concern. the mark of success i is how you work problems.I think you did perfect in your effort to correct a bad situation

From: jenkin, 2015-05

I am very satisfied with the support staff, Donna always got back promptly. I love the gift, shot glasses, I have a bottle of Don Julio Anejo Tequila, now I have something to drink it with. TY all at Seedsman.

From: captin, 2015-04

I am very pleased with the service you provide. I especially appreciate your patience with my last minute changes. Thank you.

From: Baldy, 2015-03

I am very pleased with the entire service that I have received in dealing with your company. It is comforting to have an establishment to work with that shows compassion in trying to satisfy customers.

From: Janetlang, 2015-03

I am real satisfied with this order. The packaging was very good and so was your customer support. I was a customer of Attitude Seeds for many years but they stopped taking credit card payments so I looked for a new seed supplier and found you. I will buy all my seeds from Seedsman in the future. Kind regards, Duane Connelly

From: Duane, 2015-02

I am glad I dealt with one of the biggest seeds bank on the market.. Thanks for the prompt response and for understanding the issue.. You guys rock.

From: Rami, 2015-04

I am always happy with the quality of support that I receive from Seedsman Customer Support. Ellie knows how to make a customer feel valued. She is always on top of the situation and remembers. I hope that Seedsman realises that Ellie is truly a treasure. And she has treated me with kindness and kept me as a valuable customer. Please recognise her because Ellie does her job really well. And she has my respect.

From: Dan, 2015-04

Holy mackerel....Elile is the best. I had my order seized and you guys sprang into action like champions !!!! Ellie should get a medal or a trophy and a raise !!! when my order was resubmitted My first choice was out of stock I asked for assistance and again her comes Ellie to save the day. 100% top drawer I am a customer for life

From: rebecka, 2015-04

Hi, got a quick reply and always good as usual. You guys at seedsman are excellent and provide good, reliable accurate info and are always understanding if there is a problem. Thank you seedsman. And Donna who is always fantastic. Thanks

From: nathan, 2015-04

Hi, Donna always replys to emails quickly and always with extra helpful info/answer. I am 100% satisfied with the fast replys and. Always answering my dumb questions, thanks Donna, happy easter

From: nathan, 2015-04

Hi team, I would say many thanks for your support crew. They assisted me to overcome ' my initial problems' You have a delicious web site, I'm eagerly awaiting my delivery.

From: Mark, 2015-04

Hey, i did not expect any help for my my wanted CBD strain, but Tom even try to get it for me. This is nowadays very Kind. I Need CDB with very less THC strains and hunt them all over the net :).

From: Markus, 2015-02

Great, thanks! I am happy with Nick and will reopen the ticket, but just because I have some additional questions.

From: Mircho, 2015-02

great support this company could not be more helpfull i will use again and have recomended this site to all my friends

From: duffy, 2015-03

Great customer service! I had some trouble with the delivery and everything was sorted in one day, re-sent and even a little extra! Thanks seedsman!

From: Fred, 2015-02

Good to know If I order seeds you guys will make it happen if I choose stealth shipping. If I recieve my order their will surely be a lot of me buying and other's. Thanks seedsman

From: jonathan, 2015-02

god bless you all you have giving us a chance to deal with our chronic pain with out having to deal with a bunch of asshole doctors and persons who think youre a drug addict because we have chronic pain do to accidents that where not are fault god bless you again for helping our quality of life one love

From: geekgirl997, 2015-03

Found out id used up all my seeds...hadn't bought seeds in 7 years and didn't know where to turn anymore...THANKS! :D

From: patricia, 2015-04

Extremely satisfied with customer support. Sorted my issue in a timely and polite manner, actually the customer support is what drove me to make a purchase. Keep it up!

From: Bernardo, 2015-04

Even though I didn't use secure delivery and I guess I was lucky this time. I do like how you guys sent my pkge........Will be buying again with in the 2 months.......RKM

From: ROBERT, 2015-04

ellie you have been a blessing you all have are support and thanks spread the love and pay it forward and keep it green or purple whatever floats youre boat peace out

From: geekgirl997, 2015-03

Ellie traced the packages to my area Post Office. This forced the PO Clerk to locate my packages over 30 days after they arrived. Thanks for the great support.

From: Kevin, 2015-03

Ellie responded quickly and addressed my situation with expertise and patience:) Thats the reason why I will never shop anywhere else. Thank you very much, BudsBunny

From: Lenz, 2015-03

Ellie makes Seedsman great. She always replies with the correct answer within 24 hrs. Alot of times within a few hours. Thank you for your great Customer Support Ellie. Seedsman - - Please recognise the great devotion that Ellie takes to make sure that her Customer Support is accurate and helpful.

From: Dan, 2015-04

Ellie is wonderful takes care of everything fast, i couldn't ask for any better service than that, took care of thing. Thanks Ellie, you are the best.

From: teresa, 2015-04

Ellie is on top of things as usual. She is a great employee and should be recognized. Seedsman has a Diamond employee. Dont loose her.

From: Dan, 2015-04

ellie is always on top of my orders. never a problem, never any grief. you have a great staff for sure. give her a raise :-)

From: steelballing, 2015-02

Ellie has always been very helpful with any problems that ive had. Ellie knows how to solve every problem and is a great Customer Support staff member. Thank you Ellie for helping me with my problem. Seedsman will continue to be #1 with great Customer Support staff members like Ellie.

From: Dan, 2015-02

Easy ordering. Fast shipping. Courteous, efficient people filling your order, prices like wholesale. Overall a very pleasant shopping experience.

From: kenmossjobs, 2015-04

Donna was just lovely to deal with. I will always come back to Seedsman, the service I receive is always top notch.

From: Josh, 2015-02

Donna has been very helpful in conveying an alternative way to purchase and explain there procedure in buying product. Thank you

From: Sharon, 2015-02

Donna answered my question in a satisfactory manner. Thank you. Also, it was the same person from the last time I sent a question. I feel like Donna is my personal representative. :)

From: T.C., 2015-02

Customer support (Donna) was quick and competent in answering and resolving my issues, she is wonderful, truly a cannabis seed angel :)

From: Gene, 2015-03

As with every time i have asked for help or made a request the response us very punctual and helpful :) Thank you Tom. And Seedsman staff!

From: Lenz, 2015-03

As usual the customer service was GREAT! Keep it up Seedsman. You are my Go to place for seeds.

From: Spike, 2015-05

As usual Donna came through again with fast order filling and shipment. Better keep her around! Always great service at Seedsman.

From: ken, 2015-04

Although I never received the confirmation email that was supposedly sent 3 times, I was impressed with the prompt and clear responses given.

From: kaitlin, 2015-04

A+++++++ Excellent Number 1 none better what more can I say. I took a chance and am glad I did. They replaced a product that was theirs or their fault. Awesome.

From: twisted d, 2015-04

I'm totally impressed. After all they were freebies. Thanks again

From: Jerrold, 2015-03

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